Our Testimonials

After being highly recommended by the Better Business Bureau, I called Affordable Tax Relief LLC to help with my IRS back tax problems. I owed the IRS $160,000 and they garnished my wages and froze my personal & business bank accounts. I called Affordable Tax Relief and they got my levy and garnishment released within 48 hours. Then, they negotiated a settlement of only $700! These guys really helped me tremendously.
What a heavy burden lifted from my mind. Thank you Affordable Tax Relief LLC for resolving my tax issues 100% in my favor. I originally owed the IRS over $24,000 and I had no way to pay this. You guys negotiated a settlement of only $1,700, with an affordable payment plan too! If you need tax help these are the people you want on your side. The entire staff was very helpful from beginning to end.
Rose Mary W., Clarksville, TN
Thank you Affordable Tax Relief LLC for resolving my tax problems. With all the financial issues I was having, changing jobs, I was scared when I received an IRS threat that they were going to levy my wages up to 70% of my pay. I owed the IRS over $43,000. You guys stopped the garnishment and had my bank levy released fast. Then, you filed my back tax and negotiated a settlement for only $100. Yes, I can finally sleep again thanks a bunch!
Travis M., Queens, NY
I hired Affordable Tax Relief LLC after getting nowhere with the IRS for several months to resolve my tax problem. They stopped the IRS from garnishing my pay check then they filed my back taxes. Afterwards, they negotiating a settlement which saved me and my family thousands of dollars. They were always available when we needed to ask questions.
Steve D., Nashville, TN