Whether you have an open or closed business and have accrued unpaid payroll taxes, we can help. Payroll tax debt is the worst tax debt to be delinquent on. In fact, IRS agents are trained to view the individuals responsible for non-payment of payroll taxes as thieves. Sooner or later your file will be transferred to an individual revenue officer who’s 1st priority will be to determine the responsible party or parties that should have made sure the payroll deposits were made.

Due to the enormous complexity and IRS viewpoint regarding unpaid payroll taxes we encourage any taxpayer to seek representation immediately. Affordable Tax Relief LLC will make it priority to see that all of your rights are asserted and that every procedural step be followed by the IRS. We will handle all communications with the IRS on your behalf and present only that financial information that is required and necessary to accomplish the best tax resolution based on your financial situation.